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Government Group Registration Procedures

For our 2024 Joint Engineer Training Conference (JETC), we can create a group invoice so that all registrations can be paid with one credit card payment. Government group registrations will be handled in the following manner.
  • Gov Organization must have its attendees register through the appropriate Registration Form (Attendee, Booth Staff, or Speaker).
  • The registrant must complete the Registration Form and answer all required questions.
  • The registrant will select "Balance Due" as their Payment Method.
  • Payment Method defaults to "credit card."  Click on the down arrow and select "Balance Due" from the list.
  • After all individuals have registered, please send an email to and submit a list of the individuals who should be included on the group invoice.
  • A group invoice will be created based on the list and sent to the individual who requested it.
  • Please be sure the registration fee is correct for all attendees.  There are different fees for SAME members and Non-members.
  • DEADLINE:  Registrations must be completed and the list submitted by Friday, April 29, 2024.
  • DEADLINE:  All payments must be made prior to COB on Friday, May 3, 2024.
  • Please Contact with any questions.