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Dress Code

Dress Code:  Each service branch has provided its preferred dress for each of the 2022 JETC events and activities.


Informal Events*

Convention Center

Society Ball




Business Casual

Men: Black Tie or Dark Suit

Women: Evening Dress

Business Attire

U.S. Army

Civilian Casual


Army Dress Blue or Mess Dress

ASU (Class A Equivalent)

U.S. Marine Corps

Civilian Casual

Service “C”

Evening Dress/Dress Blues

Service “C”

U.S. Navy & NOAA

Civilian Casual

Summer White

Dinner Dress White Jacket

Summer White

U.S. Air Force

Civilian Casual

Long Sleeve Blues with Ties

Mess Dress

Service Dress

U.S. Coast Guard

Civilian Casual

Tropical Blue Long

O4 and Above: Dinner Dress Blue Jacket

O3 and Below: Dinner Dress Blue or Dinner Dress Blue Jacket

Service Dress Blues

U.S. Public Health Service

Civilian Casual

Service Khaki

Dinner Dress Blue or Dinner Dress Blue Jacket

Service Dress Blues

*Includes receptions and special activities. Service members are permitted to wear a uniform to SAME events in accordance with service regulation.

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