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Dress Code

Dress Code: Each service branch has provided its preferred dress for each of the 2024 JETC events and activities.
Group Informal Events* Convention Center Society Ball Speakers
Civilian Casual Business Casual Men: Black Tie or Dark Suit
Women: Evening Dress
Business Attire
U.S. Army Civilian Casual ASU B Army Dress Blue or Mess Dress ASU (Class A Equivalent)
U.S. Marine Corps Civilian Casual Service "C" Evening Dress / Dress Blues Service "C"
U.S. Navy & NOAA Civilian Casual Summer White Dinner Dress White Jacket Summer White
U.S. Air Force & U.S. Space Force Civilian Casual Blues (any combination) Mess Dress or Semi-formal Dress Service Dress
U.S. Coast Guard Civilian Casual Tropical Blue Long 04 and Above:
Dinner Dress Blue Jacket
03 and Below:
Dinner Dress Blue or Dinner Dress Blue Jacket
Service Dress Blues
U.S. Public Health Service Civilian Casual Service Khaki or Summer White Dinner Dress Blue/White or Dinner Dress Blue/White Jacket Service Dress Blues

*Includes receptions and special activities. Service members are permitted to wear a uniform to SAME events in accordance with service regulation.