Marketing Tool Kits & Social Media Graphics

Let your followers know you'll be attending the Joint Engineer Training Conference! Download the marketing tool kits with email and social media copy ready for personalization and the editable JETC graphics to add in your logo, photo, booth number or session information. Right-click to download the non-editable graphics to let everyone know how you'll be participating in JETC. Don't forget to use the #SAMEJETC22 hashtag in your posts to showcase your attendance to people outside your followers. Who knows maybe you'll make a business connection before you even arrive on-site at JETC! 


Editable Social Media Graphics


Download the editable Facebook Graphics  Download the editable LinkedIn Graphics

Download the editable Twitter Graphics

Right-Click On The Image To Download To Your Computer

I'm Attending JETC 2022

I'm Speaking at JETC 2022


We're Exhibiting at JETC 2022

Our Post is Attending JETC 2022


We're Sponsors at JETC 2022

Strategic Partners Attending JETC 2022

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