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Featured at JETC


A Geospatial Engineering LIVE Demonstration

Hosted by SAME’s Geospatial Working Group


JETC: Operation Collaboration!

  • Engage with geospatial engineering experts and observe some of the processes and tools they employ to make the invisible visible and support operations, business, and regulatory requirements!
  • Expand your awareness of the resources and processes necessary to enable high fidelity location-enabled products and services.

Join us for geospatial data collection, processing, integration, analysis, visualization, and more!

Capabilities on Display

  • Data analytics, data compression, dashboards, and data visualization
  • Deployable server and workstation
  • Experts available: Bioenvironmental engineers, geospatial engineers, and surveyors
  • Hand-held field data collection applications
  • High-Definition Survey (HDS)
  • LiDAR (Airborne and Terrestrial)
  • Open-source data
  • Ortho-imagery
  • Sensors (acoustic, H20 quality, thermal)
  • Spatially enabled/supported applications
  • Tactical Tentage
  • Unmanned aerial and ground vehicles

"Geospatial engineers show the way. Engineers lead the way!"
- Dave Foster, 372 Consulting LLC