Public Sector Post President Stipends

SAME is offering to public sector Post Presidents of small and medium posts complimentary registration, airfare, and hotel stay of up to four nights. Post Presidents accepting the stipend must attend a meeting of Post Presidents the morning of Wednesday, May 23.  If a large post is unable to provide this support for its public sector Post President, we will evaluate our ability to provide a stipend to a Post President from a large post.  For details and instructions on Post President stipends, please contact Stacy Humes at or 703-549-3800 ext. 122.

Young Member / Enlisted Stipends - Apply Now!

Stipends to attend the 2018 Joint Engineer Training Conference and Expo (JETC) will be awarded to active SAME enlisted and young members who have demonstrated support of SAME at the Post or National level and who might not otherwise be able to attend. The stipends will provide complimentary registration, round-trip flights, and a hotel stay of up to four nights. Awardees will be accepted based on: SAME Participation; Professional Development; and Accomplishments and Deployments. APPLY NOW - submissions close on March 15, 2018! 10 Stipends Available!

Eligibility Criteria

  1. Enlisted Members (Active, Guard or Reserve). 
  2. Member (Civilian or Military) who is 39 or under at the time of JETC.  
  3. A Join Date before January 1, 2017 [Note: Stipend recipients are expected to have 18 months of membership in SAME prior to being awarded a stipend to attend JETC].
  4. Active member of a SAME Post, Field Chapter or National Committee or Council for the past year (as reflected in the nomination form).
  5. A letter of endorsement from the Post or Chapter President or Committee or Council Chair supporting the award of a stipend.
  6. Completion of the online application form, which includes a short summary of SAME Participation; Professional Development; and Accomplishments and Deployments.

Stipend Overview

  • Up to 10 stipends will be awarded
  • Stipend recipients will be notified via e-mail by April 1, 2018.
  • Stipends will receive complimentary airfare to attend the 2018 JETC (or mileage and parking reimbursement for those in driving distance).
  • Stipend recipients will receive a complimentary hotel stay of up to four nights (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) to attend.
  • Stipend recipients receive complimentary Full Conference Registration.
  • Upon notification of being offered a stipend, awardees will receive instructions on how to register for the conference and make hotel and travel reservations. Stipend recipients failing to follow the instructions may not be reimbursed.
  • Before accepting stipends, nominees must obtain approval from their supervisor and Federal employees (military and civil service) should seek the advice from their local ethics counselor. Military personnel are expected to obtain the government rate at their selected hotel and should adhere to current regulations regarding wearing of the uniform

Applications for stipends will be awarded based on a favorable review of the application materials. Representatives from the Young Member Council and SAME HQ Staff will review and approve nominations/applications.

For answers to questions or for additional assistance, please contact Stacy Humes, SAME Membership & Post Support, at

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